Welcome. Forma srl has bought Bassanina

The ovens Bassanina become part of FORMA srl

Great satisfaction for the goal in itself, of course, but also for the opportunities now open. The manufacturer with the widest range of tools for baking. Ovens, baking trays, racks and loading belts.

"In the life of any organization and its people there are important moments. The step taken is undoubtedly one of them. A project of integration that takes on a new organization: this unitary structure will allow us to create a manufacturer with a complete range of equipment for baking bread and pastry. A wealth of global experience, with unique points of view and expertise. A solid group, open and integrated with an expanded offer, which will ensure to its people a modern organization, challenging and rewarding."

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Forma srl manufactures a wide range of items. The elements that distinguish us are correct processing and creativity. We are honored to offer equipment for very prestigious products: to be proud of your bread.


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