EQUIPMENT for Bakeries and Pastries Shops

Manufacturer and distributor of professional bakery and pastry making equipment. We are on integrated network of carefully selected, highly specialized manufacturers, each one a leading producer of equipment.

Our range of products covers the entire process mixing, dividing, moulding, proving and baking. Mixers, dividers, moulders, provers and retarder chambers, ovens and baking equipment, trays and trolleys, all made to the highest standard by leading manufacturers.


OVENS for Bakeries and Pastries Shops

Bassanina is located between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona, within the "bread and pastry" industrial district. Here the tradition of manufacturing bakery equipment is more ancient, a synthesis of tradition and innovation from which exclusive products are created.

Bassanina ovens are synonymous of a number of distinctive elements: unmistakable design, loyalty to the history of the brand and an insatiable quest for aesthetic and technical solutions capable of combining simplicity with the highest innovation and technical standards.

Bassanina ovens durability, the long service life also with continuous and sustained work cycles.

       Bassanina ovens innovation, perfect distribution of heat and steam in quantity.



Welcome. Forma srl has bought Bassanina.

The ovens Bassanina become part of FORMA srl.

Great satisfaction for the goal in itself, of course, but also for the opportunities now open. The manufacturer with the widest range of bakery equipment. Ovens, proving chamber, baking trays, racks and loading belts.



Forma is a company based in Italy as manufacturing, promoting and distributing bakery and pastry equipment.

A range of equipment for professional use, implemented throughout the entire baking process: mixing, dividing and moulding, proving and baking.

Here the people has a long experience and there is a well organize productive plant: sheet perforating machine, laser cutting, punching and bending machines.




Fork mixer at idle bowl

Spiral mixer at fixed bowl

Spiral mixer at removable bowl




Hexagonal divider

Square divider

Round divider

Rounder divider

Automatic weighting divider 




Moulder at 2 or 3 cylinders

Long loaf baguette moulder

Long loaf moulder

Conical rounder



proving chamber

Proving chamber rotating rack oven

Proving chamber for deck oven

Proving device 



rack oven

Rotating rack oven 8 or 10 trays

Rotating rack oven 12 trays  

Rotating rack oven 18 or 20 trays







deck oven

Steam pipes deck oven

Electric deck oven






Flat trays aluminized

Flat trays aluminium

Flat trays perforated

Corrugated trays

Round frame trays
Trays with moulds

Tin boxes






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